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Suggestion for user pathing
Hi Mr Ninja,

#1. Could we have a way to amend or adjust the paths that we have saved?

Sometimes, I realised there is a more efficient way to run the bot at certain stages of my saved path. Its is kinda PITA to redo the few thousand path points for a new path.

#2. I was intrigued by a feature seen in other bots. "Discovery pathing" where the bot does not have a pre-determined path but just goes along its own way looking for pokestops nearby that does not have a cooldown yet. Could be another neat human-like behaviour you could consider implementing.

1. Path editing adds a lot of complexity, perhaps simpler to add GPX support Big Grin
2. Well, it could be done, but again, probably sometime later, since right now you can use manual pathing to make the bot behave exactly as you want (except the cooldown check).

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