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User Testimonials
Hi there, totally agree with Adonai.
Thank you very much for protecting our account, it makes me feel even more confident ! Be sure that i'll donate (a bit more than i did) with great pleasure when the bot will be updated.
Protecting our accounts and putting extra effort in that will not go unnoticed. Thank you ninja. Seeing that message gave me more confidence in your efforts. I hope you can crack the new API or someone does. You made the perfect bot. Fingers crossed on the update. Keep up the good work.
muchas gracias . por su trabajo apenas me paguen donare, por que gracias a ustedes soy lvl 27
I have been using Mr Nina's bot for over a month now. He is the man. I have donated platinum and just upgraded to radioactive, because I know soon he will crack the new API. Everyone have patience, I have no doubt he will get it done. This bot is the best out there!
A huge huge thank you for all you have done to keep this going! only a gold donator so far but i look forward to platinum or radioactive when the new api is cracked
The anti-ban sistem it's crazy. Congrats!
I will make a donation soon.
Good work! Smile
Thanks MrNinja. Thats all i can say..
Thanks mr ninja, 
You are fantastic!!!

I hope that our bot restart as soon as possible...

Meanwhile good job!!!!!!!


Paul (from Rome, Italy)
Hi Mr. Ninja,

First and foremost I would like to express my deepest appreciation to you and your team(if any) to make this bot a success.

I believe in your work to overcome the latest update.

Thank you very much.
Hello, Mr. Ninja
Just wanna say thank you so much for your hard work. I believe you'll be back soon.
Best of luck.

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