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(01-05-2017, 01:52 PM)chin6199 Wrote: Either buy a bossland hashkey or subscribe to service.. cheers

but you must buy an hashkey to play with the bot.... doesn't matter the captcha =(
For everyone who says it's greedy or should be free, go find another bot that works as well as this one. You won't. Because there isn't one.

Mr. Ninja has been amazing at providing updates that constantly introduce new functionality, and teaming up with Bossland for API cracking was the only way to keep it going. $4 for a month is nothing, that's one coffee from Starbucks. I have been consistently impressed with the development of this bot, the regularity of updates, and the interface is great too.
Keep being awesome Mr. Ninja, I will continue to support you and your great bot. Cheers.

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