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User Testimonials
Hello Mr Ninja, just waiting for the API fix to make new donations!

Good work and we are looking forward to it!
I agree! I will donate more as soon as the .47 API is integrated! This is the best bot out there.
Very good bot. Despite warnings I have still been using the bot on several accounts over the past weeks (lvls 20, 20, 28, 29, 33) and no ban. Interestingly I had one account banned - a lvl 7 account that was started at this bot (my first test of the bot). I only played briefly for 2 times and then didn't play it for weeks. When I tried it to log in on the phone it was banned.

Maybe I was just lucky but I have been trying different bots on and off for a while and some banned but most of them not, despite their high level.

I play the bot as human like as possible and mix botting with almost daily real playing. Apart from the obvious mistakes (gps spoofing, sniping, unrealistic stuff) it is repetition and consistency that gives the bot away. As more chaotic and diverse as better I think e.g. if you never win or loose a battle in a gym, never miss a pokemon, only do mass evolutions and transfers I think flags get raised. And if many flags get raises you get investigated.

I noticed the catcha coming up as soon I play one account a bit more. If I use that account in real life playing for a while I go back to the bot and the captcha stopped. After a while they return again. I have one account I don't use on a bot and captcha never comes up. So they do know something is wrong with bot accounts and the captcha comes up. But it's not enough to investigate or ban. So take that as a warning and play normally again. I can't proof any or that. Just my gut feeling and experience so far.

Just keep in mind that playing the bot very likely will eventually get you banned. So don't cry or blame Mr. Ninja. Playing the bot is just another way of having fun with Pokemon Go. I wouldn't use it to get on top of regular players because it is fake and there is no pride in it and it all will be over in a bang anyway.

Have fun
(09-06-2016, 11:45 PM)Ranger Wrote: This thread IS NOT for addressing problems or errors, and it IS NOT for suggestions. I know everybody has seen the appropriate threads for those topics. So, if you do have a problem or a suggestion, please post those topics in the correct places! Smile

This thread is just  a place for people to thank MrNinja, or even to just compliment his work on the bot.
We had to close/lock the announcements thread, because people had posted 650 comments that didn't belong there, and it was making it tough to follow MrNinja's updated releases, and to look up his past notes. When we closed that thread to public comments, it took away a place to comment about the bot in general, or for people to thank him.
MrNinja puts in many many many hours, working on this bot, and including things that us users suggest.
Yes, he enjoys what he is doing with this program, but as I've said before, he could EASILY charge people to use it, and he chooses to continue offering it at now cost, only receiving donations. Personally, I think that's pretty awesome of him!!!
So, here is a place for anybody else to leave a "THANK YOU" for him! Big Grin

Thank You!!!!
I lost my main account using another bot like 3 months ago, and I was upset because I had tons of pokemons. I don't like to cheat but there are barely 3 pokestops in my city and leveling without cheating is slow. Now that I tried I can go wherever I want and get tons of XP, and I love it. I've been using it for over a month now.
Hi Mr Ninja, please try to update the bot even if it's dangerous for the users, 
Since i've hatch a Gen 2 egg on the bot, impossible to launch it again (my account works on my iPhone)
0.49 taking so long to crack, so i'll just try this bot on a new account

good work, easy to use interface, pretty good default settings!
im about to try this out with a lvl 10 account wish me luck XD
(12-15-2016, 06:08 AM)vv12177 Wrote: im about to try this out with a lvl 10 account wish me luck XD

(12-15-2016, 09:05 AM)vv12177 Wrote:
(12-15-2016, 06:08 AM)vv12177 Wrote: im about to try this out with a lvl 10 account wish me luck XD


you get banned? so fast?

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