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I just deleted over 600 posts from this thread, because they should have been in other parts of the board.
We have decided to lock this thread. Only MrNinja and his moderators can post here.

There are sections laid out in other threads, for whatever your needs may be......

***>If you have suggestions, please post to the "Suggestions" thread - HERE
***>If you have problems or questions, please post to the "Support" thread - HERE

Whatever you are thinking about posting, PLEASE USE THE SEARCH FEATURE FIRST, to see if the question OR suggestion has already been posted!

If you post a duplicate question or suggestion, you are wasting your time, because your post will be deleted.

We have a very friendly team of moderators and support people in this group, who are all very willing to give you the answers to your questions. But we need everybody's help in keeping this forum free of clutter, and easy to navigate.

FYI - MrNinja DOES check the suggestions and the support threads every day. And as most of you know, he also replies and implements many of the suggestions into new releases!
If you like PokeBot.Ninja,

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The moderator team would like to STRESS the guidelines to everyone, and here's a perfect example of why!!!

Yesterday, we did some "house cleaning".....

We occasionally, will go through hundreds of posts, in an attempt to clean up a lot of "clutter" and make the forums easier to use.
After closing multiple threads, and deleting a bunch of stuff, one user sent me a private message, asking me why I deleted all of his posts.

FIRST OF ALL......I can promise you, that no moderator "picks on" any single user.
What obviously happened was......this user's posts must have fallen into one of these three categories.
  • Posts that are repeat posts.
  • Posts that are posted in the wrong places (suggestions posted in support...or support questions posted in suggestions)
  • Posts that are suggestions that are already posted in the Public TODO lists.
Posts that meet these criteria are often deleted, in an effort to keep the forums clear of "clutter" and to make the forums a better, more effective tool for ALL visitors. Sometimes we take the time to MOVE the posts, but in the effort to clean up clutter, most of the time we just delete them - especially if they are out-dated (ie: from previous versions of the bot)
There is no "history" of those, once they are gone. Once a post is deleted, it is also removed from your "Post Count".

Just make sure that you are searching the forums when you post, to verify that you aren't repeating a question or problem that has already been discussed. If you don't follow the simple guidelines, you might log in one day, and find that most (or all) of your posts have been deleted.
We DEFINITELY don't want to delete all of your posts - or ANY of them for that matter!!!
This community is strong. The reasons for that are easy to see.....
MrNinja's continued attention to his users' feedback, and the continued participation from all of you!

That being said, the PokeBot.Ninja staff thanks ALL of you, for the support!!!!!
Have a GREAT day!!!
If you like PokeBot.Ninja,

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