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not catching pokemons on a fresh PTC
as the subject says, but im able to collect pokestops
Just wait 24 hours.
on will do. what does this mean tho xD
i think you need to first catch your starter pokemon within the app. i had to log into my app on the phone (or desktop emulator such as Bluestacks) and go through the process where you have to throw a pokeball to catch your first pokemon. then you need to give a nickname. after all of that quit the game, and give it like 30 minutes or more and then logon to PokebotNinja. now you will see that new pokemon will be caught.

good luck! both my bot accounts got banned. need to set up some new one.
thanks for the reply man. i have it 20mins then i started the bot again with no issues i didnt even do the starter. that sucks man yea 2 of mine got banned aswell but i used 3 different bots on it. im just sticking on ninjabot for this account and with all my other accounts in the future. i really like the UI on this xD
Bot does not currently auto-finish all the tutorials, so the servers only give pokestops, no pokemons. I'll try to add the tutorials code into next version.

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