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Release of the cross-platform PokeBot.Ninja for Pokemon Go (ultimate hack/cheat)
Released V67!!
NEW API support 0.51!! Only catch is that Bossland API hashing service is now needed for every bot user which costs at least 3.95 EUR per month.
Upside is that due to the hashing being paid service, in the future bot downtimes after Pokemon App updates should be minimal.
More description and license purchase links can be seen at:
The API hashing license is separate from existing donator levels, unlocking Gym and Sniping works just as before.
For adjustment period, the old 0.45 API can be selected in the login form.

Additional changes:
Ditto auto-sniping works correctly now.
Auto-sniping window now allows to select multiple target pokemons and the selection is saved into configuration file.
Auto-sniping ignores soon-to-expire pokemons.
Increased allowed delay for sniping.
Increased size of captcha window.
Released v68!
Minirelease, mainly hotfix for bot hanging due to API service request errors.
Ditto capture now shows correct total candy count.
Sniping window also saves distance and IV fields now.
Megarelease of v69!!

2captcha support for Platinum donators (click big ninja icon, "Premium Settings" and enter your 2captcha key).
Improved Gym attacker selection view to make the selection and sorting easier.
Improved Gym after-attack auto-healing to retry revive.
Improved API hashing service error handling a bit.
Removed some weird warnings from Auto-Sniper feed view.
Fixed wrong candies count shown for Ditto catching.
Auto-Sniper now also saves distance and IV field values.
Faster Mass-Transfer like in newer apps.
Released V71, a minirelease again Smile

Improved hashing server interaction a bit again.
To view how much requests of your current hashing license minute are used up, hold Shift key while clicking on "Test" button.
Different distance eggs now have different icons in Inventory Manager
Manual incubation in Inventory Manager now allows choosing which type of incubator to use.
Fixed a case that all eggs showed "YES" in incubatinc column.
Limited pokemon powerup to level 39 (max in game) and also additional check in regards to player level.
Updated Dutch and Danish language files.
Released v73 - Megarelease again Smile

Added 100% IV pokemons to the Auto-Sniper feed!!
"Add all"/"Remove" all in Auto-Sniper view.
Added "Apply Auto-Transfer rules" to manual sniping view, also added sniping cooldown field, made more fields save.
Manual and Auto-Sniper now allow toggling between best and regular pokeball configuration.
Disallow manual sniping when Auto-Sniper is running.
pokesniper2:// sniping link support (for windows users, Platinum or Radioactive still needed for sniping). Need to run ninjasniper_register with "Run as administrator" from right click menu.
NB! pokesniper2:// links also allows mass-sniping, all running bots will get the sniping command. 1 click in browser - bam, multiple snipers shooting immediately.
Enable attacking of a gym that is already in battle.
Force play captcha sound (even for non-donators), can be disabled only when in audio settings volume is turned off, plays even if captcha will be solved with 2captcha.
Improved Razzberry usage logic a bit: when attempt # is empty but CP matches OR IV matches, razzberry will now get used. To "disable" usage you need to increase the starting attempt # or set the CP/IV higher.
Improved healing order in after-battle UI: first does all revives, then healing like real app.
Improved Farfetch'd pokemon name parsing in sniping, also some other weird name parsing issues.
Show moves of pokemons in the log.
Login username is shown as trainer name tooltip.
New languages Turkish and Urdu.
Did a small v74 hotfix release!
Coin collecting was broken, some PCs did not process pokesniper2 link correctly, disabled Gym multibattle until properly fixed, preparations for pokesniper2 link support on Mac.

For Mac users there is initial pokesniper2 link handler available now:
You may have to restart after the app has been run.
Released v75! Special focus on Gym stuff!
Added dodging of special attacks to Gym Attacker!!
Added initial BubbleStrat support to Gym Attacker!! Pokemons do 2-3 attacks immediately at the start of battle.
Added support for Gym multi-attacking!!
Added Quit battle functionality!
Last attacker list is remembered and reused now, injured pokemons get ignored automatically.
Fixed Manual and Auto-Sniper not selecting the closest pokemon correctly!
Added intentional total misthrows of pokeballs, occur 10% of the time, should reduce Catch Flee happening.
OSX pokesniper2:// link support, thanks to thepokemonfactory.
Improved pokesniper2:// handling a bit more.
Disable rename and heal while other inventory management tasks are running.
Warning sound for sniper if no pokeballs left (same as full bag sound).
Released v77, many overall improvements!
Gym Attacker speed improvements, hits faster!!
Gym BubbleStrat should now work almost perfectly, also does auto-quit when detects non-bubble defender!!
Attacker list is remembered between attacks and between closing and opening the Gym window.
Fixed an issue with pokesniper2 links getting jumbled up sometimes, causing it to miss the target pokemon.
Focus manual sniping field when window opens first time.
Auto-Parse text when pasting into manual sniping field with Ctrl+V
The action log now allows scrolling around without constantly resetting to bottom row. To restore auto-scroll, scroll back to bottom.
Improve timers of Evolve, Transfer and Powerup, also improve Mass-* actions to skip over pokemons faster if they cannot be evolved etc.
Mass-Evolve+Transfer now does all the Evolving first and only then Transfer.
Added option for Platinum and higher donators to disable level-up rewards auto-claiming.
The official app has been updated and 0.53 API forced. Bot detects it on login and warns you, but allows to continue if needed.
Bossland guys are working on the new version, hoping to have good news and new release soon Smile
Released v78!
New 0.53 API!!
New Auto-Incubation UI, allows to set priority to different eggs, disable some from Auto-Incubation, set incubator preferences and hard-lock the preferences.
Daily Bonus messages are now shown in bot (they will still appear in phone app but it's safe).
Minor stability fixes.

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