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Release of the cross-platform PokeBot.Ninja for Pokemon Go (ultimate hack/cheat)
Timer is in the TODO list Wink
iPhone 6/6 Plus will be in the next release Wink
Released V27!
New Easter Egg for all the donators, see if you can spot it Wink If not, PM me or ask around Smile
Device info can now be removed entirely, will act as older versions.
Altitude field can now be set to 0, which disables all altitude spoofing and will act as older versions.
Added Iphone 6/6 Plus device samples.
Went over all the action delays, made them more realistic.
Detailed configuration of catching will come soon, currently working on improving the emulation to avoid possible bans.
Released V28!
Added Strength, Defense, Stamina to Inventory Manager.
Improved display of Badge names and statuses.
Pokestop robbing now shows pokestop names.
Evolve actions also check for new Pokedex entry (to wait more for "animation").
Improved inner device actions emulation.
Released V29!
Added Pokedex tab to Inventory Manager!!
Inventory Manager can now be opened while tasks are running (actions are disabled still, but everything is viewable, sorting also allowed).
Added Captured column to Inventory Manager.
Detect new pokedex entries and needed "animation" delays after hatching.

Timers are in the TODO list, have to dig around for the nickname and team selection parts, will add to the TODO list also Wink
Released V30!
Important update!!!
Fixed a slowness issue caused by device emulation resending the same emulation data to servers over-and-over (eating up bandwidth)!
Updated Evolving sound to be more game-like.
Bigger distance eggs are added to incubators first instead of random choosing.
Released V31!
Added Pokemon catching detailed configuration for pokeballs and razzberries, allows CP and IV based config! Prefilled for rare pokemons!
Fixed Pokedex counter, now only counts if captured > 0.
Updated evolving delay to be 28s minimum as in real app.
Updated sounds (thx to Ranger).
Fixed a case when during data sync sometimes UI showed 0 counters.
Added some warning messages because it seems some people are "distributing" PokeBot.Ninja as their own and asking money for it... Sad

[Image: 97aa7f21988c92262eb6ec501a39a215.jpg]
I have improved the internal API usage a bit more for upcoming V31 and also adding a captcha detection mechanism (0.35 update of PoGo), but to test it I need some volunteers who would let their bot run up to the 2k pokestop limit, because no one has seen the final captcha implementation in action.
Released v32
Donator-only update to the map - Pokemon encounters are shown, giving an overview what pokemons appear where

IMPORTANT! Preparations for the new API captchas!
There is a chance that builtin captcha popup will work automatically when it gets enabled in API by Ninatic
If it doesn't it dumps a bunch of captcha.* files in the bot directory, send them on to me

Added password saving option to login form. Donators can also try out the "Auto-login" feature.
Lure pokestops are now shown in green color on the map.
What was thought to be altitude was actually GPS accuracy, updated the bot to remove altitude logic and added realistic GPS accuracy with randomness.

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