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Release of the cross-platform PokeBot.Ninja for Pokemon Go (ultimate hack/cheat)
(08-13-2016, 05:19 AM)ItsThatNameAgain Wrote: Alright, there seems to be a ton of panic going on right now about permanent account bans and bots, with a whole lot of no-proof of anything to boot. There's some stupid image of an email that any schmuck could have written and/or shopped making the rounds, and its got a lot of people freaked out. But before you completely throw in the towel thinking you're perma-banned, there are a few things to consider and understand. Specifically, you need to understand that there are different kinds of bans in effect, and as of yet, none of them have been proven to be permanent. These bans have yet to even be in effect for 24 hours as of yet, the bans might be 3 days, a week, a month, or they may indeed be permanent, but it's too early to call it right now.

--- SOFT BANS ---

Anyone who's used GPS spoofing of any kind knows about the "Soft Ban", where if your location shifts too quickly too fast, you'll get locked out 90% of the games features. Soft Bans are the reason all of your Pokemon are instantly breaking out of PokeBalls and running away, and why you can't loot anything from PokeStops. You can still use items and transfer Pokemon you've already caught. Soft Bans usually wear off at a maximum of 2-3 hours. There's a popular method to BYPASS SOFT BANS by doing the following:

1) Open a nearby PokeStop
2) Spin the PokeStop (You won't receive anything because you're Soft Banned.)
3) Close the PokeStop interface.
4) Repeat this process 30-40 times. 

It sounds ridiculous, but it actually works. However, this method is so incredibly popular at the time of writing, August 13th 2016, that I have absolutely no doubt that they'll disable this method in the near future, if it hasn't been already (I haven't been Soft Banned in weeks so I couldn't tell you). If you're smart with your location jumps, you shouldn't run into Soft Bans at all. Planning on jumping several continents? Log out of the game, go watch a movie, jerk one or two out, make a sandwich, do whatever for an hour or two, and THEN log back into the game with your new location to avoid getting Soft Banned.

--- MID BANS ---

Now, onto what's causing a lot of commotion, we'll call this a Medium Ban or Mid Ban. Unlike a Soft Ban, the location of your avatar in game doesn't matter. What triggers a Mid Ban is being logged into the same account from multiple platforms at the same time AND/OR having multiple accounts logged into the game using the same IP. For example, if you have 6 different Ninja bots running at the same time off of your computer, you'll notice that they function just fine for up to 5 minutes, before getting the error message "Could not retrieve data from the server for 3 minutes!" in red text, or something to that effect. As another example, you may have your Ninja bot inventory-manager open while also logged into your account using Nox or BlueStacks. This means there are two instances of the same user being logged into from two different sources, which very likely flags the account and/or IP address(s) for suspicious activity. Another important thing to note is where your IP is located. If you have an IP from the United States, and you're walking around in Germany in-game, you're likely going to get flagged. The solution? If you want to run multiple bots at the same time, you're going to need multiple IP's, plain and simple. Because Ninja bot currently doesn't have any feature to control what IP's are used, this makes it rather difficult to actually multi-bot unless you've got some tech-wizardry at your disposal to spoof multiple IP's from the same computer... something I have no experience in doing, nor am I sure if it's even possible. In other words, if you're going to continue to bot, it's probably much, much safer to use a SINGLE ACCOUNT per IP, unless you're an advanced user that knows networking like the back of their own hand.

From what I've seen, Mid Bans can last upwards of 3 to 4+ hours, so if you can't log in, don't freak out. You may just have received a Mid Ban. If you get enough of these, I'd be willing to bet that you'll be at very high risk for a permanent ban, so don't poke the beehive.

--- PERMA BANS ---

This is full speculation based on what I've skimmed through on topics regarding this issue. One rumour is that accounts that are/were Level 31-35+ were automatically flagged and banned straight up. While there's no evidence to support this, I can provide this input: my main account is Level 27, and I've been botting with it on-and-off, usually for about 8-10 hours at a time... something a really dedicated human player could pull off if they wanted to. My main account is COMPLETELY UNTOUCHED and I'm able to log in just fine. Now, do I want to dice with fate and continue botting while all of this is up in the air? Of course not. However, I have several alt-accounts that I've purposefully been far more reckless with, botting for 24+ hours at a time, that I have yet to check for bans (I may update this post if I got dealt some big hits from the ban-hammer). However, my alt accounts were logged into using the same IP as my main account, so we can conclude that just because an account shares an IP connection with another doesn't put it up as a candidate for a Perma Ban. You'll probably want to let your Ninja bot(s) get some rest here and there, as running multiple 24-hour marathons is almost certainly going to be a hard flag for the account.

--- Questions/The Future? ---

Now I have a couple of questions for the creator, if he has time/wants to answer them of course. 

A lot of the big bot sites are packing up shop preemptively before they get hit with C&D messages. Are you planning to as well? Is there a chance that development might continue off the radar? I'd be very interested to know your thoughts and intentions regarding the project. It's a wonderful piece of work that has brought me countless hours of enjoyment... it'd be a damn shame to see that go up in flames just because Niantic is presenting a little challenge.

Also, assuming you continue development, what new features do you think we might see? Perhaps the ability to designate which IP's and from what country to connect from with the bot? Automated log-in / log-out timers to create a more natural looking activity log? Randomised delay timers for certain actions? I think there are a lot of things that could be used to keep the project going if you so choose to, though I suppose posting them here would undermine their purpose, now that I think about it for a second.  Tongue

In any case, thanks so much again for all of the work you did. The project was truly enjoyable, straightforward, and easy to use, and I wish you all the best in whatever developments you choose to pursue in the future!
Thanks for the detailed overview.
Released v20 with improved altitude generation and made it fetch info from google maps (assuming you start walker from the map UI)
Only other stuff left to do is to make it start missing pokemon catches.

If ninatic sends a C&D, will probably shut down the downloads etc, don't want to get into any legal action with them, since this has been a hobby project/fascination for me Smile
Working on reducing the amount of ideal throws.
Released V21, reduced amount of perfect throws drastically. 1/3 does very shitty throws. Let me know how it works.
V22 is out!!
Added manual map path entering possibility. Tested it out, seems to give better pokemons when walking along roads than through houses Smile
Improved the bad throws logic a bit, 20% are clumsy ones (instead of previous 33%), rest are decent, but not perfect. Uses razzberry if first attempt failed and CP is over 600.
V23 - quickfix, "Confirm & Start" did not work correctly.
Will add path saving to the todo list Wink
Released V24!
Manual path entry in Map can now use google directions to get more humanlike path, can be turned off to enter locations one-by-one
Manual paths can now be saved, loaded, removed
Manual path entry now starts with empty dataset, does not include the last clicked location as first position
Made all Mass actions slower, takes 4-5 sec per action instead of previous 1-2
Disable transfer of Favorite pokemons in inventory manager (manual + mass)
Disable Transfer button visually for Favorite pokemons
Disable Evolve button visually for max evolved pokemons
Fixed a bug in walking path altitude not changing correctly in some cases
It does the quickspin trick when detect softban.
Eggs are inluded in total pokemon count just as in real app. If you have 9 eggs and pokemon limit is 250, it means you can have 241 non-egg pokemons.
When stopping, it does not send gps actively to server, when you resume walking it will start sending again.
V25 is out!

Added device info faking/emulation. You can select from predefined options and then edit if needed.
Also there is an easter egg for all the donators, see if you can find it Smile (If not, PM me on the forum).
Release V26, big update again!
Added Proxy support, configurable in Login view!
Walking radius is now configurable, in Main view and in Map view.
Improved behavior of Stop/Start in main view, before it could jump around considerably.
Fixed max item/pokemons counters, fixed Auto-Ignore/Keep/Evolve/Transfer running even if unchecked.
Added Lucky Egg/Incense timers to main view after you have used them from Inventory.
Improved random path generator fallback to move around more "gracefully" instead of criss-crossing over map.
Added Xperia Z3 and Galaxy S6 to predefined devices, improved Device ID generation for iOS devices.

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