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Release of the cross-platform PokeBot.Ninja for Pokemon Go (ultimate hack/cheat)
V15 out, ctaching pokemon fixed with autotransfer (displayed and calculated wrong cp/iv before)
Also fixed egg hatching, unlimited incubators were getting ignored.
V16 is out!
Hatching now again shows hatched pokemon name.
Improved authentication refreshing, works well even if system clock is out of sync.
Tries to cache Pokestops for when there are server syncing issues.
Improved walking logic a bit.
Fixed auto-transfer logging different IV value than the original caught message.
Added stardust counter to main window.
Added XP/h counter to main window.
Ok, will probably have to add intentional pokemon catching failures to avoid softbanning better. Also V16 should have improved walker, perhaps that also helps.
Released V17!!
Started work on detailed configuration and configuration saving:
Added detailed Auto-Drop configuration view, all settings are saved.
Added new Pokemon catching configuration: allows setting Evolve, Transfer and Ignore of caught Pokemons, all settings are saved.
Last successful login username is also saved.

Will investigate the proxy setting.
Working on Maps integration currently, not able to do a release just yet, but tomorrow should be usable for V18 Wink
[Image: 461fa2a0c14c942384b821c0fbcefeac.jpg]
Released V18
Finally, the long wait is over, you can now use embedded Google Maps to search for locations and start botting there!
Also displays the current chosen path and nearby found pokestops when running.
If the map view sometimes looks broken, just press "Re-center" button.
Didn't test on Java 1.7, not sure if works there. Preferably install latest java 1.8
Use with caution because may crash the bot sometimes..

Additionally, configuration saving for Auto-Drop and Auto-Evolve/* views is now fixes.
Added Eggs count to the current pokemons count, since 241 pokemons + 9 eggs actually means 250 pokemons.
Added "Keep" option to the Auto-Evolve/* configuration, this means that no Transfer/Evolve will be done for that type of pokemon.
Added Check/Uncheck all functionality to the Auto-Evolve/* configuration.
Inventory manager shows candy column as bold when there is enough candy to evolve the pokemon.
Added some messages about configuration file loading/saving errors.
Windows defender is acting stupid...
Virustotal says that it's clean. Investigating. Possibly the maps embedding component was used in some malware and Defender detects that component...
V19 works like a charm, just be realistic guys and don't bot with 5 different accounts on 5 different locations (or the same). Use with precaution and enjoy it.
Released V20, added altitude entry, improved Map view to use real elevation from Google Maps when generating walking path from that view.
Speed always has been a bit variable, code emulated bit of gps inaccuracy.
Will add camping (stopping for a bit) sometime soon, checking what can be done about the humanized ball throw thing.

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