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Release of the cross-platform PokeBot.Ninja for Pokemon Go (ultimate hack/cheat)
Released V102!!
I forgot to change the forced API Kill-Switch code to check for 0.63.1, the bot was actually using the 0.63.1 API correctly, just the Kill-Switch was broken.
Auto-use Lucky Egg in Gym Fighter is fixed now. feed can now be used for Auto-Sniper.
Additional command line parameters: -lat/-latitude -lng/-longitude -speed -allowedmanager (allowedmanager allows to start a slave bot without UI confirmation for manager connection).
Released V106 and V107!!
Includes few hotfixes for some raid issues found after 106 release (Golden Razzberry usage, too much Boss attempts, quitting did not work).
Fixed Gym battles to work with new logic!
Gyms are now also auto-looted just like pokestops and added to walking path.
Added some new images from the recent updates.
And last but not the least, after battle rewrite, RAIDS!! Radioactive level needed!!
- It is now possible to use map to walk/jump to gym (teleport will come later) and open Raid Lobby Manager
- In lobby manager you can join public Lobby, pick attackers and start hitting the raid boss!
- At the end of battle, raid boss encounter is caught!
Released V109!!
Update to 0.75.1 API! (the UNK27 field is still unknown)
Berry feeding to gym defender pokemons!!
New icons for Gen2 pokemons and also new shiny icons!
Released V110!!
Update to 0.77.1 API and preparations for upcoming 79.2 version! (the UNK27 field is still unknown)
Bot does not use golden razz berry anymore for "reduce softban" case.
Gym and Raid battles hanging when using ninjabot in manager-slave mode should be fixed.
MrNinja has released: Minor update V111
When releasing 110, forgot to change one more place and the bot showed warning about 77.1 being unsupported but actually bot had 77.1 API correctly..
MutedFFS - Discord Admin / Forum Moderator - Botting since October 2016 - Team Instinct

Release V112!
GEN3 SUPPORT!! 135 new pokemon info and images!
Also updated API to 79.3!
Released V113!
Added 0.79.4 API support!
Released V114!

Updated API to 0.83.2!

Released V115!
Updated API to 0.85.1!
Minor fixes to GEN3 support!

Released V117!
Raid tickets view added to Inventory Manager.
Raid tickets now shows upcoming exclusive raid details including pokemon, coordinates and start time.
Main view "GYM!" button will show number behind it when your account has exclusive tickets available.

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