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Release of the cross-platform PokeBot.Ninja for Pokemon Go (ultimate hack/cheat)
Released V90!!
Anniversary Pikachu support (also older christmas one support)!
Horsea and Zubat evolve costs were shown wrong, new values are 25.
Unown did not show correct images for different forms.
Made map work better in weird broken connection cases.
Delay auto-sniper actions if captcha solving is in process.
Fixed "Snipe all similar pokemons" to get the full nest correctly.
Reset "battle error" counter after successful attack to improve endless battle mode.
Added Tamil and Telugu languages.
Released V91!!
Updated to 0.57.3 API!
Improvements to internal loginflow requests to better match latest app version!
Auto-Sniper not correctly waits for previous captchas to be solved and also checks Kill-Switch.
Improved Auto-Sniper feed parsing speed a bit.
Gym Battle improvements Wink
Added Malay language.
Niantic broke things with 0.57.4 again, working on v92, have prereleases ready, so in 2-4h will have release.
Released V92!!
Updated to 0.57.4 API!
Huge rework of many API requests, improved loginflow, login works again.
Faster Gym battles!
Updated Russian and Malay languages.
Released V93!
Hotfix release, should fix the session breaking around 2h runtime.
Improved few more internal things about data sent to servers.
Shift/Ctrl click on "Train" button in Gym will also ask for deploy pokemon.
Removed 0.45 option that does not work anymore.
Released V94!
Map now supports Google Maps API key (free), should fix map loading issues!
Bot now shows hash license stats in the format of "requests done in last 60 seconds"/"license RPM" ("requests until license RPM reached").
Improved lucky egg and incense timer detection, will not "forget" after restart anymore.
Special configuration option in the ninja.json file "autoTutorial" that allows to preselect nickname, starter pokemon and target team. Will add UI soon also.
Manual Sniper view supports multiple targets (Radioactive level needed).
Sniping can now be cancelled even during the catching of pokemon.
Auto-Sniper won't jump if less than 10 pokeballs available, will make configurable soon. Will not auto-cancel anymore to allow regular farming.
More Gym improvements Wink
Released V95!!
This version still uses the 0.57.4 API, did a release because the changelog was pretty big already Smile
Medals view in Inventory Manager!
Shiny pokemon detection (new images, names also updated).
Shiny pokemons are not auto-transferred, can only be manually transferred.
Gym now saves last attackers and trainers separately and remembers even after closing the bot.
Allow to attack Gyms with injured pokemons, seems to work correctly now.
Option to attack only first Gym defender.
Make the bot wait a little when Gym lockout error is received, also hopefully improved some invalid defender errors.
Team selection dialog does not forget top part pokemon sorting order after adding or removing pokemons.
Configuration file location can be passed to bot from command line with -config "filename" option.
No more "intentionally missing" when down to last 3 pokeballs.
Completely ignores any interaction with pokestops when inventory is full.
Show time to next level in the "Exp. needed" tooltip (catching must be started).
Add gender to Inventory Manager.
Add gender and partyhat info to pokedex view in Inventory Manager.
Correctly check for Kill-Switch when sniping without regular farming.
New Unown and Tyranitar images.
Released V96!!
This is mainly maintenance release, will do a new and bigger one soon Wink
New 0.59 API support!!
Improved the "You have received warning" message to show only once, not spam every 5 minutes.
The message "Ignoring weakest Shiny" etc messages showed wrong pokemon in log (transfer and ignore itself was correct).
Gym stats are now updated also in mid-battle, not only after battle end.
Released V99!!!
A massive release again Smile
Gym view now allows to select how many defenders to attack to allow manually configure more than 1.
Gym view now shows current revive and potion counters.
Gym, Sniper and Inventory can now be open at same time.
Endless battle now checks kill-switch and captchas correctly.
Sniping view now allows detailed berry usage configuration and how many pokeballs should be in inventory before attempting sniping.
New options for Kill-Switch: API forced update, NinjaBot update, Exp. gained.
CSV export of pokemons (right click on pokemon tab title).
Auto-place lures to pokestops, can be enabled in pokestop robbing configuration.
Allow saving of auto-generated walking path from Map view.
Allow saved path preselection from login screen for Platinum donators (can be combined with auto-login and auto-start).
Allow overriding of username and password with -username and -password command line options.
If account has gotten warning/ban, show level text with * marker and add tooltip.
Pokenoobs link handling like ninjasniper and pokesniper2.
Medals: after receiving new medals, refresh medals list correctly.
Pokemon icon updates.
Released V100!!!
Gym multibattle is fixed, works well with latest battle logic changes.
Preparations for newer API calls.
Latest encryption patch needed to look like real app.
Smaller KillSwitch limits for pokemons and pokestops.
Higher speed limits to better test different sniping approaches.
Sniping now allows to select between three different jump options: Jump pack and then throw pokeballs, throw pokeballs and then jump back, never jump back.
CSV export now includes candies info.
Gym endless battle now also checks for levelup and medals correctly.
ninjasniper:// and pokesniper2:// links now also allow to pass pokemon info as number, not just name.
On Mac, the inventory form first tab was not always clickable, should be better.
On Mac, the CSV and logfile save dialogs were not correct, should allow better saving now.
Start in minimized mode/autominimize after login, accessible from tray icon menu.
Add configuration to allow pokestop spinning with full bag.
And last but not least, the long-waited Manager UI, unlocks for Radioactive+ users, helps to manage multiple local bots, currently still bit beta but overall working.

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