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Release of the cross-platform PokeBot.Ninja for Pokemon Go (ultimate hack/cheat)
Released v80!
Shop!! You can now use pokecoins for purchasing items directly from bot! Radioactive-only!
New kill-switch option for captchas
Mass-Rename/Unrename, rename uses format "pokemon_IV"
Login form "Test" button now also shows time until API service license expiration
If API license expires in 48h hours, login will show a warning about it automatically
New languages: Korean, Hindi
Released V81!
Improved Gym behavior when connection is slow, should avoid timeouts.
Hashing service load balancing should work better (DNS result is not cached anymore).
Auto-Transfer2 has now additional option, IV% x LVL.
Added proxy quality check under the Test button in Proxy form, shows your original IP, proxied IP and if proxy is leaking your original IP.
Mass-Rename now limits new name to 12 characters correctly.
Team can be selected from main dialog, does not ask every time you press "Start Catching" anymore.
Tutorial forced-completion (trainer name, first pokemon etc) can now be turned off if donator level Platinum or higher.
Avoid rethrowing razzberry after intentionally missing the pokemon.
Released v82!
New 0.55 API!!
Mass-Heal in inventory! Healing potion and revive priorities can now be changed!
Simplified device emulator UI, removed unneeded fields.
Double-clicking on capture time field opens up pokemon capture location in google maps.
Gym sounds for loss+victory and attack+dodge with improved logging.
Avoid double-warning about 0.45 API usage.
Released V83!
Added option to teleport to Gym!! Bot asks about it when you try to attack far-away gym, jumps there, does attacks, jumps back.
For Radioactive members, added endless battle option, does full-attack until gym is taken over or endless training until you manually quit. Auto-Heal included.
Added Catch Flee Kill-Switch.
Kill-Switch now remembers emptied fields correctly, before it always defaulted max runtime to 240mins after bot restart.
Added egg hatching animation delay.
Improved a few randomly occurring errors.
Niantic added some checks to their login flow and ninjabot is currently not working correctly.
I'm working on a fix, but it will take a bit more time because I have made a special version to get the shop working and that means it's a bit different from the one used by other bots.
It will get fixed soon, be patient. Wink
Released V84!
New 0.57 API support!
Login works again!
Few minor fixes to gym endless battle.
Released V85!!
Improved Gen2 support!
- New items and berries shown correctly
- Updated pokemon movesets
- Possible to use items for evolving, new evolutions unlocked
- New badges
Improved Gym battles.
Fixed captcha issue on login.
Shop works better (also shows all purchasable avatar items).
Released V86!!!
Nanab and Pinap berries can now be configured for using in the catching configuration view!
Fixed Gen2 regular evolving without additional items.
Fixed Auto-Drop of new Gen2 items.
2captcha failures are handled better and captcha interaction improved.
Weird connection errors detected better.
In main view, if coins are collectable, coin text is shown green.
Many-many gym fixes after the latest changes release.
Deploy button is disabled if your pokemon is already deployed.
Added voltstrat support, also detects alternatives with confusion and astonish attacks.
Buddy pokemon is now allowed to evolve, rename, favorite, powerup, just like in real app.
Fixed a few error cases when sniping.
Added Shift-Click helper to the Auto-Ignore/Keep/Evolve/Transfer configuration.

And huge thanks to everyone who gave feedback about all the issues they found Big Grin
Niantic has now disabled the old 0.45 API, so only hashing service based API is working now. Sad
Licenses purchase page is here:
When buying a license, make sure you are not using any VPN or proxy, because it will cause your payment to be processed slower.
Usually the license should arrive fast, but it it has been a few hours (or you misspelled your email), please send email with your Order # at
Released V88!!
Auto-Sniper and Manual Sniper can now be configured to catch all found pokemons (nest) not just first one.
Deploy teleport to Gym.
Sort gyms by distance.
Updated 0.45 API to use a hack to enable it again. Even higher risk of ban than before!!
"No Berry" option for capture configuration view.
Double click table header in Catch configuration view to mass-edit field values.
Fixed a few issues when saving empty values in Catch configuration view.
Minor fixes to overall berry logic.
Improved compatibility with Java 7 installations.
Main view shows team name in the color of team.
Japanese language.

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