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Ban ban ban?!
(12-31-2017, 09:59 AM)Jack_Flare Wrote: I know that other similar discussions already exists on the forum but the topic is quite important and I think it need more attention...

Is there someone here that is able to use bots now without getting banned in few days?
All my bots are now banned and from some other discussions here on the forum it seems  that a lot of other people are in my same situation. It is completely different rather than this spring. Even botting safely you get always banned. 
I am thinking that now botting is completely the question is also "why selling API key if you get banned after few hours?".. shouldn't bot like this be suspended until the "problem" is fixed in some ways?

Is someone able to bot even now? if so, what is your secret?
Avoid stupid replies like "botting is forbidded of course you get banned".

I heard from chat group
all bots simulate Android,  that's why Niantic can catch bot so easy
simple logical ----> 100% bots simulate android ---> 99% Android App can be detect ----> 99% bots be ban
if you can simulate apple IOS, you get >90% safe

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