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Pokebot.Ninja status - Plikk129 - 06-28-2018


I want to know the status of Pokebot.ninja, just i want to use the bot but i don't know if are enable.

Thank u!


RE: Pokebot.Ninja status - iceink - 06-28-2018

yeah i have the same question, im looking here on the forum if i can find something says about the status but i didnt!

RE: Pokebot.Ninja status - MutedFFS - 07-09-2018

This should explain most of the queries:
[Image: status260518.png]

The best place to get quick answers is to join our Discord server, the link is in my signature!

- MutedFFS

RE: Pokebot.Ninja status - geraldjames - 09-22-2018

Hi, i really want to use the bot but in store it says that none API's are currently avaiable to buy using credit card or paypal so where i suppose to get/buy them from?

RE: Pokebot.Ninja status - Goldfish - 12-09-2018

I tried to click onto the discord link but I was unable to join the discord... I need some help with launching the bot as well ;-;