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Manual Localized Sniping
(Update at bottom of the post for a different much easier approach)

Since sniping has changed recently i would like to explain how i am sniping now. I am using a local map in a high rare spawn area and i am walking /driving/ flying at 45m/s I do not teleport at all. now this is not supported by Ninja bot yet but you can make it work. This is not the fastest thing and it requires you to be there watching your computer but it gets you gym quality pokemon fairly fast. We are going to need to change some settings lets get into it so you can try it out.

Step 1: Have a local map where rares are common.  (Check comments if you don't have one) (And if you do share in comments)

Step 2:  Set your Pokemon configuration to ignore everything but your target Pokemon. Your doing this so when you reach the Pokemon you want it doesn't try to catch the other ones and catches only the one you want it to catch.

[Image: Screenshot_17.png]

[Image: Screenshot_18.png]

Step 3: Set your speed to 40m/s seems you can do 45ms but that is the limit so better to stay a little below that.

[Image: Screenshot_25.png]

Step 4 Open map on the top of the map you have a spot to enter cords and it says show on map. you place cords into the box and click show on map this brings up a marker on the map. Make sure follow roads is unclicked and make a path to the marker.

[Image: Screenshot_20.png]

[Image: Screenshot_21.png]

[Image: Screenshot_22.png]

Step 5: Making a path you will need to look at the bottom of the map and you will see start manual entry after you have location of Pokemon marked on map you click start manual entry you will then click the marker on the map this will create a path to the location then you click confirm and start. 

[Image: Screenshot_23.png]

Step 6: You are now walking to your Pokemon at 40m/s you will need to slow down when close to be able to see the Pokemon so will now need to reduce speeds to 1m/s. Easier method i use so I do not have to change speed is i make a circle pattern at the target location getting smaller and smaller doing this allows the Pokemon to pop up without changing speed.

[Image: Screenshot_24.png]

Please note Pokemon must be close enough to walk to within the allotted time frame.
I sniped for 6 hours caught 32 Snorlax, 22 Dragonite, 23Blissey, 30 Larvitar 22 Chanseys and a Couple randoms. 0 soft bans. Not the best but as of right now best option available.

(UPDATE) Option 2

Okay so with manual snipe on Ninja  and a local map this is whats been working for me.  1km pre 1 minute. now what i do is i look at log on ninja to see the time of my last action. this tells me my starting time.

[Image: Screenshot_29.png]
The last action time is what your looking at.

Now that we have a way to track remember the last action we need to find out how far away the pokemon is this can be done with your manual snipe put the pokemon cords in there and before you hit snipe look at the distance.

[Image: Screenshot_30.png]

Now with the distance and 1km per 1 minute you know how long it will take you to be able to go and snipe this pokemon. 

I would like to say less then 1 minute per 1km can be done but with a local map 1 min been working flawlessly for me.
Another brilliant instructional post. Thank you again Pilt.
MutedFFS - Discord Admin / Forum Moderator - Botting since October 2016 - Team Instinct

Here is a map with lots of rares in a localized location. This is the one I am currently using.
#4's really trouble to do.........I do this to snipe:
1. disable "catch"
2. teleport
3. bot will auto-solve soft ban
4. enable "catch", or use "snipe" to catch
With all respect - this method gives you Terrible(random) IV`s and risky behaviour, atm better to "snipe" with tp every hour, and farm candies in nests.
So you will get high IVs, dont collect shitload of softbans and enough candies to evolve after that
salut a tous ,j'ai un probleme impossible pour moi de sniper mon pokemon s'echappe et je suis ban 30seconde au retour ,sa fait 5jours que je snipe plus rien je sniper sur pokezz,et pokesniperninja . avez vous la solution a mon probleme .merci bonne journée
Local snipping guide. HTH.
(05-19-2017, 06:56 AM)snipper Wrote: Local snipping guide. HTH.

Great info!, how much time we must wait to back our city?
I locally snipe in San Diego and I know anywhere in San Diego I only have to wait a maximum of 15 mins, I've heard people say that if you wait an hour you can jump anywhere in the world
Ninja Threads are so boring and old that we don't know anything about it on bestessay reviews. I know that it will be the last thing for me to even work on it and it will be great to know more about it.

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