Latest release is v95

Main Mirror -
Alternate Mirror 1 - Google Drive (limited amount of downloads)
Alternate Mirror 2 -

Multiple links are provided because some ISP's inject code into ZippyShare's non-https page and break download (naughty-naughty).

Release notes for v95:
This version still uses the 0.57.4 API, did a release because the changelog was pretty big already :)
Medals view in Inventory Manager!
Shiny pokemon detection (new images, names also updated).
Shiny pokemons are not auto-transferred, can only be manually transferred.
Gym now saves last attackers and trainers separately and remembers even after closing the bot.
Allow to attack Gyms with injured pokemons, seems to work correctly now.
Option to attack only first Gym defender.
Make the bot wait a little when Gym lockout error is received, also hopefully improved some invalid defender errors.
Team selection dialog does not forget top part pokemon sorting order after adding or removing pokemons.
Configuration file location can be passed to bot from command line with -config "filename" option.
No more "intentionally missing" when down to last 3 pokeballs.
Completely ignores any interaction with pokestops when inventory is full.
Show time to next level in the "Exp. needed" tooltip (catching must be started).
Add gender to Inventory Manager.
Add gender and partyhat info to pokedex view in Inventory Manager.
Correctly check for Kill-Switch when sniping without regular farming.
New Unown and Tyranitar images.

Happy botting :)