Latest release is v79

Main Mirror -
Alternate Mirror 1 - Google Drive (limited amount of downloads)
Alternate Mirror 2 -

Multiple links are provided because some ISP's inject code into ZippyShare's non-https page and break download (naughty-naughty).

Release notes for v79:
Hotfix release, more internal changes were needed. Should hopefully trigger less captchas.

New 0.53 API!! NB! 0.53 is giving more captchas right now, working on a hotfix to improve it!
New Auto-Incubation UI, allows to set priority to different eggs, disable some from Auto-Incubation, set incubator preferences and hard-lock the preferences.
Daily Bonus messages are now shown in bot (they will still appear in phone app but it's safe).
Minor stability fixes.

Happy botting :)