Latest release is v99

Main Mirror -
Alternate Mirror 1 - Google Drive (limited amount of downloads)
Alternate Mirror 2 -

Multiple links are provided because some ISP's inject code into ZippyShare's non-https page and break download (naughty-naughty).

Release notes for v99:
A massive release again :)
Gym view now allows to select how many defenders to attack to allow manually configure more than 1.
Gym view now shows current revive and potion counters.
Gym, Sniper and Inventory can now be open at same time.
Endless battle now checks kill-switch and captchas correctly.
Sniping view now allows detailed berry usage configuration and how many pokeballs should be in inventory before attempting sniping.
New options for Kill-Switch: API forced update, NinjaBot update, Exp. gained.
CSV export of pokemons (right click on pokemon tab title).
Auto-place lures to pokestops, can be enabled in pokestop robbing configuration.
Allow saving of auto-generated walking path from Map view.
Allow saved path preselection from login screen for Platinum donators (can be combined with auto-login and auto-start).
Allow overriding of username and password with -username and -password command line options.
If account has gotten warning/ban, show level text with * marker and add tooltip.
Pokenoobs link handling like ninjasniper and pokesniper2.
Medals: after receiving new medals, refresh medals list correctly.
Pokemon icon updates from Mr.Kizaro.

Happy botting :)